BDK™ Butterfly valves are light weight, and come with bubble tight shut off design. Effective on-off and throttling service, it has replaceable seat with longer seat life. These are easy to install valves, with virtually zero maintenance.

Key benefits:

  • Smaller face to face dimensions (Short Pattern) – hence, cost effective

  • Resilient seats for bubble tight shutoff & field replaceable

  • On-off and throttling service

  • Disc wiping action, no body cavity

  • Quick opening by quarter turn operation

  • Moderate torque, easy for automation

  • Least installation space

  • Low pressure drop

  • Bi-Directional

Butterfly valves – rubber lined bodies
Complies to BS EN 593
Sizes: 50 mm (2″) to 1200 mm (48″)
Type: Models 46, 46L, 48 & 48L
Rating: PN 6, PN 10, PN 16
Body materials: CI, DI, WCB etc
Body lining: Natural and synthetic rubbers
Discs: DI, CF8, CF8M, Al.Bronze. even rubber lined
Stem: 410, 17-4PH, Monel
Ends: Wafer, lugged


  • Slurry transportation

  • Mine Dewatering Systems