BDK™ forged steel gate, globe & check valve are non-return isolation valves, designed for easy installation between various flange drillings. The strong and compact body is designed for moderate to high temperature service in various industries, such as power, oil & gas and petrochemical industries.

Key benefits:

  • Wafer design, suitable to mount between various flange drillings

  • Double flange

  • Stronger & compact

  • Easy installation & maintenance

  • Bubble tight shut-off for soft seat

  • Metal seat leakage rate 3cc/min/in

  • Valves up to 2000 mm are spring loaded and are suitable to mount in vertical

Cast iron valves – gate, globe & sluice
Complies to BS 5150, BS 5163, BS 5152, IS 14846
Sizes: 25 mm (1″) to 300 mm (12″)
Type: Inside screw for sluice, outside screw for gate & globe
Rating: PN 10, PN 16
Materials: Cast iron
Trim: Bronze, CA15, CF8, CF8M, brass etc
Ends: Flanged